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Mind and Soul Video Collection (4 DVD Set)

Mind and Soul Video Collection (4 DVD Set)
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This video DVD is a collection several spiritual lectures on the Mind & Soul by spiritual teacher Michael Mirdad. It covers healing the mind, the real world, and the three minds.

Healing the Mind
•How the ego controls the mind
•How and why the mind and brain hold onto negative patterns
•How to heal and reprogram the mind
•Buddha’s method of healing the woes of the mind

Creation Process
•How the real creation process works
•Shifting from ego creations to spirit creations
•Using forgiveness to heal our minds
•How the chakras relate to the creation process

The Real World
•The two emotions: Love and Fear
•The real world vs. the false world
•Calling on our Divine Teacher
•The three rooms of consciousness

The Three Minds
•The three worlds

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