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New Testament III Video Collection (4 DVD Set)

New Testament III Video Collection (4 DVD Set)
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This is a video collection of spiritual lectures on the New Testament by spiritual teacher Michael Mirdad. It covers: Wisdom of Christ Part I, Wisdom of Christ Part II, Wisdom of Christ Part III, Wisdom of Christ Part IV.

Wisdom of Christ Part I
•Jesus’ initiations in the desert
•Following rules vs doing what’s right
•Seek first the consciousness of God
•Past patterns inhibits our healing

Wisdom of Christ Part II
•Traditions are of little value
•Saying no to the ego
•Rising above spiritual hypocrisy
•The spiritual authority of Jesus

Wisdom of Christ Part III
•Intellect vs the heart
•Don’t take good things for granted
•Spiritual cleansing vs physical cleansing
•How to see the Christ in all

Wisdom of Christ Part IV
•Jesus’ definition of love
•The world will test us
•Jesus’ dark night of the soul
•Symbolism of the crucifixion

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