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Mystics and Philosophers Video Collection (4 DVD Set)

Mystics and Philosophers Video Collection (4 DVD Set)
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Sacred Sunday Services:

These DVD Collections features teachings by world-renowned Spiritual Teacher/healer/author, Michael Mirdad. These can be watched either as a lecture (by merely forwarding past the introduction, prayer, and music) OR as a Sacred Sunday Service. When viewed as a complete, sacred experience, these DVDs provide the same feeling and experience of the most profoundly inspirational and educational sacred gatherings.

Mystics and Philosophers:

Mystics and Mysticism

  • Teachings of St. Francis & Dante
  • Teachings of Meister Eckhart & St. John of the Cross
  • Teachings of Jacob Boehme & Emmanual Swedenborg
  • Teachings of William Blake & St. Martin

Mystic Women: What They Taught Us

  • Teachings of Mary Magdalene & Hildegard Von Bingen
  • Teachings of Julian of Norwich & Joan of Arc
  • Teachings of St. Catherine & Mother Shipton
  • Teachings of St. Theresa of Avila & Mother Theresa

Philosophers: What They Taught Us

  • Teachings of Orpheus & Pythagoras
  • Teachings of Socrates & Plato
  • Teachings of Aristotle & Epictetus
  • Teachings of Descartes

Mystics of the East

  • Teachings of Rumi
  • Teachings of Buddha
  • Teachings of Lao Tzu
  • Teachings of Krishna

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