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Rebuilding a New Life Video Collection (4 DVD Set)

Rebuilding a New Life Video Collection (4 DVD Set)
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This inspiring video collection of spiritual lectures on Rebuilding a New Life by Michael Mirdad covers: Change and Acceptance, Innocence, Creating Our Day, and Good Days & Bad Days.

Change and Acceptance
• As co-creators we can manifest changes
• There is an actual process for all manifestation
• Healthy creations vs. unhealthy creations
• The power in accepting what we cannot change

• Innocence is our true identity
• How to reclaim our child-like simplicity
• Innocence through forgiveness
• True and false versions of innocence

Creating Our Day
• Today is built from previous days
• Judgment vs. oneness
• Neutralizing the effects of negative thoughts that are adversely affecting our day
• “Being” is a proactive state of mind

Good Days & Bad Days
• Our good days come from our good choices (to forgive)
• Bad days come from bad choices (to judge)
• How our good days and bad days are created in our minds
• How to live more of the God-Life

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