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Relationships II Video Collection (4 DVD Set)

Relationships II Video Collection (4 DVD Set)
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This insightful video collection on Relationships (Part 2) by Michael Mirdad covers Friendship, Honoring the Father, and Healthy versus Unhealthy Relationships.

•Wisely choose your friends
•Taking an inventory of your friendships
•Why you might not have a lot of true friends
•Developing fulfilling friendships

Honoring the Mother
•The three archetypes of the Mother
•Honoring the Mother in all
•How the mother nurtures and protects
•”The Divine Feminine is powerful & needs no protection”

Honoring the Father
•The three archetypes of the Father
•All men and women have the spirit of Father in them
•Healing the male archetype
•The real roots of our father issues

Healthy versus Unhealthy Relationships
•Conditional love vs. unconditional love
•The dangers of feeling “special”
•Healthy, unconditional love is rooted in the soul
•Unconditional love is to love as God loves

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