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Spirit vs Matter Video Collection (4 DVD Set)

Spirit vs Matter Video Collection (4 DVD Set)
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A fascinating video collection on the topic of Spirit vs Matter by spiritual teacher Michael Mirdad, covering Spirit vs. Body, Spiritual World vs. Material World, Sleeping, Dreaming & Awakening, and Divine I AM vs. ego i am not.

Spirit vs. Body
•The difference between the body and soul
•What Yoganada had to say about the body
•The origins of victims and victimizers
•Shifting from the limited self to the unlimited self

Spiritual World vs. Material World
•The Center Path is God; all else is a detour
•Blame vs. taking responsibility
•Difference between the material world and spiritual world
•Calling on God as our Teacher, Healer, and Guide

Sleeping, Dreaming & Awakening
•The primary mythologies
•The dreams of night and day
•Signs of our awakening
•The phenomenon behind dreaming

Divine I AM vs. ego i am not
•The real and false creators
•The right use of the I AM
•How the Divine “I AM” creates
•How the “i am not” makes believe

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