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Spirituality II Video Collection (4 Online Streaming Videos)

Spirituality II Video Collection (4 Online Streaming Videos)
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An inspiring video collection of lectures by Michael Mirdad on various aspects of Spirituality. This DVD covers: Miracle Mindedness, Being vs. Doing, and Being Conscious & Awake.

Spirituality II:

Miracle Mindedness

  • Learn the real secret behind miracles
  • The consciousness behind miracle working
  • Living in a state of God-Mindedness
  • The power of love behind miracles


  • Synchronicity differs from other forms of coincident-like events because it’s from connected minds.
  • The true origins of synchronicities and their miracle-like manifestations.
  • The minds behind the creation of synchronicities can include God, the ego, or people.
  • Having great or more frequent synchronicities is not our goal. God is our goal.

Being vs. Doing

  • Being comes from who we are and doing comes from who we are not
  • Being is not about ineffectiveness
  • Learning to do without doing
  • Being comes from the heart of inspiration

Being Conscious & Awake

  • Waking up and becoming more conscious
  • Learn to ask deeper questions
  • Learn to dismantle your fears
  • Know thyself

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