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New Testament II Video Collection (4 Online Streaming Videos)

New Testament II Video Collection (4 Online Streaming Videos)
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This is a video collection of spiritual lectures on the New Testament by spiritual teacher Michael Mirdad. It covers: Faith, The Prodigal Son, Being Born Again, and The Seven Human Vices and Virtues.

•Faith is about “seeking first the Kingdom of God” and all else follows
•Faith and trust are two sides of the same coin
•When tested, keep the faith of Daniel OR Abraham OR Joseph
•Having faith in God, Self, and Others, means trusting in the Divinity of each

The Prodigal Son
•Insights into the Christian version of the Prodigal Son
•Insights into the Buddhist version of the Prodigal Son
•A deep parable that tells us how to live, love, and forgive
•The Prodigal Son story describes our separation from and return to Heaven

Being Born Again
•Being born again means dying of the old and birthing of the new
•Being born again is symbolic of soul-level healing
•Learn the deeper mysteries behind bible references of being born again
•The symbology of changing our name and identity

The Seven Human Vices and Virtues
•The traditional “seven deadly sins” are human vices
•There are also seven corresponding virtues
•The seven human vices and virtues correspond to our seven chakras
•Learn how to heal the vices and nurture the virtues

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