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Astrological Reports


A personal astrology report can give you the answers you are looking for about life, love, career, and much more. These reports help you to understand yourself, as well as what’s going on in your life—now and in the future. The topics of these charts include: Your Natal (birth) Chart, Relationships, Past Lives, Numerology, Home Relocation, and Your Spiritual Path.

Buy any two charts and get one (of equal or less value) FREE. These are wonderful gifts for your friends or loved ones, as well as something each of us should use to get clarity on our life’s direction. All of the charts are great but the ones Michael Mirdad suggests most often to his students and clients are: Numerology Report, Karmic-Life Path Report, and Life Progression. How to order: Buy two reports and send the name of the third report in the email with your birth information.