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Healing I Video Collection (4 Online Streaming Videos)

Healing I Video Collection (4 Online Streaming Videos)
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Sacred Sunday Services:

These Video Collections features teachings by world-renowned spiritual teacher/healer/author, Michael Mirdad. These can be watched either as a lecture (by merely forwarding past the introduction, prayer, and music) OR as a Sacred Sunday Service. When viewed as a complete, sacred experience, these videos provide the same feeling and experience of the most profoundly inspirational and educational sacred gatherings.

Healing I Video Collection:

An inspiring collection of four spiritual lectures on Healing by Michael Mirdad, covering the topics of Heart & Soul, Shame, Regret and the Power of Affection.

Heart & Soul

  • True healing has to be healing of the soul
  • How past traumas become lodged in the body and soul
  • How to accomplish soul level healing
  • The proper use of Holistic health and various healing modalities

Guilt & Shame

  • How guilt and shame prevent all forms of healing and personal freedom
  • The difference between core issues and their various symptoms
  • How guilt and shame become ongoing programs and patterns in our life
  • How to access and release guilt and shame


  • How regret is used by the ego to intensify the guilt and shames of our past
  • The negative uses of regret, such as self condemnation
  • The positive uses of regret, such as learning from our mistakes and moving on
  • Learning to dismantle feelings of regret

The Power of Affection

  • Affection is possibly the most underrated method of healing
  • Various ways of affection
  • Affection is a tool for miracle workers
  • Learning to love and care for others

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