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Creating Fulfilling Relationships Book

Creating Fulfilling Relationships Book
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Far from a typical book on relationships, this book is about making all of our relationships (not just partnerships) healthy and fulfilling. This book is not about finding yet another date or becoming attached to yet another person whom we hope will “complete us” only to be let down once again. This book is about…Being centered in our True Self; Feeling responsible enough to set healthy boundaries; and Sharing fulfilling relationships with others. The more we nurture and experience deep, authentic, fulfilling relationships, the happier we will be.

Topics include:

  • The Three Relationships
  • The Three Stages of Relationships
  • Using Prayer & Meditation to Create a Perfect Day
  • Responsibility: Know Thyself
  • Self-Awareness & Self-Healing
  • Boundaries: Our Spiritual Muscles
  • Relation-ship versus Relation-shit
  • Methods for Enhancing Communication
  • Nurturing Intimacy & Affection
  • What is Love?
  • Soul Mates & Twin Souls
  • What About Sexuality?

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