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Healing II Video Collection (4 Online Streaming Videos)

Healing II Video Collection (4 Online Streaming Videos)
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These Video Collections features teachings by world-renowned spiritual teacher/healer/author, Michael Mirdad. These can be watched either as a lecture (by merely forwarding past the introduction, prayer, and music) OR as a Sacred Sunday Service. When viewed as a complete, sacred experience, these videos provide the same feeling and experience of the most profoundly inspirational and educational sacred gatherings.

Healing: Part II:

An inspiring collection of four spiritual lectures on Healing by Michael Mirdad, covering the importance of taking responsibility, setting boundaries, communication & connection, and sacred intimacy.


  • The importance of self-awareness
  • Self-Healing
  • Self-Observation
  • Being a co-creator


  • What boundaries are and are not
  • Examples of healthy boundaries
  • When it is right to set boundaries
  • Boundaries are our spiritual muscles

Communication & Connection

  • How to have healthy communication
  • Healthy speaking and listening
  • Communicating from spirit versus ego
  • How to bridge or connect with others through communication

Sacred Intimacy

  • Healthy expression of love, desire, and passion
  • The power of affection
  • Healing the negative charge on sexuality
  • Sacred Intimacy focuses on the soul rather than the body

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