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Mythology Video Collection (4 Online Streaming Videos)

Mythology Video Collection (4 Online Streaming Videos)
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This video DVD is a collection four spiritual lectures on Healing by spiritual teacher Michael Mirdad. It covers:Mythology of the Journey, Gods and Goddesses, The Four Archetypes, and Mythology: Ancient and Modern.

Mythology of the Journey

  • The two main types of myth
  • How to access the myths of the soul
  • Living in the Garden of Eden
  • Creating Heaven on Earth

Gods & Goddesses

  • Jesus once taught that we are actually all “gods & goddesses”
  • How we fell from our divinity
  • The path Home
  • How we can once again become gods and goddesses

The Four Archetypes

  • All mythologies tell the same story
  • How all mythologies divide into four groups
  • The story of Sophia—the soul
  • The story of the divine marriage

Mythology: Ancient and Modern

  • The most popular archetypes of mythology
  • Mythology of Greek gods and goddesses
  • Mythology of Moses and King Arthur
  • How ancient mythology applies to modern times

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