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Spirituality III Video Collection (4 Online Streaming Videos)

Spirituality III Video Collection (4 Online Streaming Videos)
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An inspiring video collection of lectures by Michael Mirdad on various aspects of Spirituality. This DVD covers: Getting Clear Guidance, Death and Rebirth, and Do the next right thing.

Spirituality III:

Getting Clear Guidance

  • Not all signs of guidance come from God
  • Discerning guidance that comes from Spirit
  • How to get quick and clear guidance
  • The difference between inner and outer guidance


  • Some unknown history about angels
  • The nine types of angels
  • The Essene communions with angels
  • The truth about Archangel Michael

Death and Rebirth

  • Death is not what it appears
  • The reincarnation cycle and Ascended Masters
  • People don’t die our symbols of them do
  • The ending of death as symbolized in Egypt’s Great Pyramid

Do the Next Right Thing

  • When in doubt…do the next right thing
  • Pray, center, and ask for guidance
  • Methods for determining our next action
  • Doing the right thing is our responsibility

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