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Spirituality V Video Collection (4 Streaming Online Videos)

Spirituality V Video Collection (4 Streaming Online Videos)
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An inspiring video collection of lectures by Michael Mirdad on various aspects of Spirituality. This DVD Collection covers: 12 Steps Recovery from Life, Connecting with God, All About Meditation, and Attachment & Detachment vs. Non-Attachment.

Spirituality V:

12 Steps Recovery from Life

  • The Spirituality Behind the 12 Step Program
  • A Course in Miracles & Recovery
  • The Bible & Recovery
  • How the Program Addresses God, Self & Others
Connecting with God
  • Shifting Our Focus Within
  • False Versions of Inner Peace
  • Essentials for Connecting with God
  • The Benefits of Staying Connected
All About Meditation
  • What Meditation Is
  • What Meditation Isn’t
  • Preparation for Meditation
  • Proper Steps to Meditation
Attachment & Detachment vs. Non-Attachment
  • What is Attachment?
  • What is Detachment?
  • What is Non-attachment?
  • How Non-attachment Expresses the Mind of God

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