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New Testament I Video Collection (4 DVD Set)

New Testament I Video Collection (4 DVD Set)
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This is a video collection of spiritual lectures on the New Testament by spiritual teacher Michael Mirdad. It covers: Living the Christ Life, The Parables of Jesus, and Pentecost & The Revelation.

Living the Christ Life
•The feminine in us births the Christ
•The masculine in us must live the Christ life
•Challenges living the Christ life
•Ways to live the Christ life

Sermon on the Mount
•Similarities of Jesus and Buddha
•Reinterpretation of the Beatitudes
•The Beatitudes as affirmations
•Meditation on Jesus’ deepest teachings

The Parables of Jesus
•Some background on the parables of Jesus
•How parables and metaphors access the soul
•How the parable of Jesus correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac
•The pitfall and rewards of each sign and each parable

Pentecost & The Revelation
•The history of the Pentecost
•The twelve appearances of Jesus after the crucifixion
•The secret symbolism of the revelation
•The symbolism of the seven chakras and the seven seals of revelation

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