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Relationships I Video Collection (4 DVD Set)

Relationships I Video Collection (4 DVD Set)
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This beautiful video collection on Relationships by Michael Mirdad covers: Love & Affection, Soul Mates & Twin Souls, and Friendship.

Love: Affection
• The three primary expressions of love
• The three primary ways to express affection
• The healing power of affection
• How to balance love, desire, and passionLove:

What It Is and Isn’t
• Our true identity is Love
• Forgetting who we are leads to codependent relationships
• Knowing who we are creates healthy and holy relationships
• Real love vs. false love

Soul Mates & Twin Souls
• How to grow healthy relationships
• What are Soul Mates
• What are Twin Souls
• All relationships are destined to become Soul Mates

• Wisely choose your friends
• Taking an inventory of your friendships
• Why you might not have a lot of true friends
• Developing fulfilling friendships

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