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Spirituality IV Video Collection (4 DVD Set)

Spirituality IV Video Collection (4 DVD Set)
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An inspiring video collection of lectures by Michael Mirdad on various aspects of Spirituality. This DVD covers: Karma & Contracts, Prosperity & Abundance, Be Careful What You Ask For, and Forgiveness & Judgement.

Spirituality IV:

Karma and Contracts
  • The origin of karma and soul contracts
  • Why we have difficulty releasing contracts
  • How to release soul contracts
  • How to create positive new contracts
Prosperity and Abundance
  • Where did poverty consciousness come from
  • How to nurture prosperity consciousness
  • Seven Sacred Laws of abundance
  • Prayer/Decree for prosperity and abundance
Be Careful What You Ask For
  • We have to truly want a change
  • With changes comes tests
  • We must be the change we want to see
  • Even our thoughts and words are prayers for change
Forgiveness vs. Judgment
  •  The different forms of false forgiveness
  • Practice forgiveness at a level you understand
  • Forgiveness is the highest expression of human love
  • The practice of true forgiveness

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