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You’re Not Going Crazy You’re Just Waking Up! Video DVD

You’re Not Going Crazy You’re Just Waking Up! Video DVD
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This 2-Disc DVD set explains why the challenges in your life (and in your heart) may make you feel as though you’re “going crazy.” The Five Stages of the Soul Transformation Process guide you through such challenges (including the “dark night of the soul”) and lead you to the “Light at the end of the tunnel,” wherein you gain a new perspective of your life, yourself, and your purpose.

The Soul Transformation Process includes: 1) Dismantling, 2) Emptiness, 3) Disorientation, 4) Re-building, and 5) A New Life. This process assists you in rising to new levels of spiritual mastery, wherein you become an active participant in Re-building A New Life, a life that resonates with your Highest Good and is described in A Course in Miracles as, “A future… without a trace of sorrow, and with joy that constantly increases.”

Praise for You’re Not Going Crazy…

“Finally, a guide through the curves in life’s roads…A brilliant job sharing an applicable means for surviving life’s changes and directing us towards A New Life.” –Robin Rose, Event Coordinator: The Spiritual Awakening Conference

“Perfect for times of confusion or personal awakening, You're Not Going Crazy… focuses on ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ and how to get there…An ‘owner's manual’ for those on the spiritual path…A ‘must-read’ for all counselors.” –Lynne R. Matous, M.A., editor, poet, former English professor

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